About becoming a Vendor

All booths are 8'x8' in size.  Double booths can be arranged when available.

No lease required.

We open at 8:30am on Sunday for Vendors and then at 10am for customers.  All aisles must be clear by 10am.  We expect your participation all day from 10am to 5pm, every Sunday.   

Vendors are able to leave their goods, secured in their booth, Sunday to Sunday provided that rent is paid in full for the following Sunday. We ask that you provide 2 week's notice if you intend to leave.

Additional Vendor Access

We are open to vendors only, on Friday between 12pm and 4pm.  This day is reserved for moving in/out, restocking, cleaning or reorganizing your booth. 

Rent starts at $55 up to $70  plus HST, per Sunday.  First week and last week rent is required upfront if you intend on leaving your goods, secured on your booth, from week to week.  Prices depend on location and style of booth, ie., corner or inside, front or rear of market.

Vendor Permits are only needed if you are required to collect taxes...your sales must be over $30,000 per year to collect HST. Please visit the city's website hamilton.ca for more information. 

Food sales. Prepackaged foods (with appropriate labelling from major food manufacturers) are allowed.  Bulk type candy is allowed. Anything that is not prepackaged (homemade cupcakes, pies, etc.) must be made in a City inspected, licensed kitchen and you must meet certain requirements within the Flea Market such as, a portable hand washing station, extra hydro for proper heating/refrigeration and a valid Food Handler's License, etc. Proper food handling/storage at all times is a must. Serious inquires, only. We do not wish to deter anyone, as there is a market for good food vendors, however, food sales are a serious business, with lots of rules, for good reason. The safety of our customers is our number one concern. 

Transient Vendors are welcome...just pay for the day, set up, and tear down at the end of the day.

Wheelchair accessible. ATM Onsite. Heated/Air Conditioned. 24hr Security, Video and Alarmed.

Interested or have more questions?  

Email us:  sales@hagglersfleamarket.ca