Haggler's Flea Market

Some of the cool stuff you'll find...

This list is not complete, just a sampling of some of the great things you will find in our flea market.  Our vendors come and go so be sure and check us out frequently for new and exciting offerings.



Athletic Shoes- Brand Name...Nike, Asics, New Balance, Sketchers, Addidas and more.

Cell Phone repairs and accessories

Collectibles of all, games, coins, and much more.

New and vintage clothing, purses and accessories.

New toys.

Vinyl lettering, car wraps, signage, custom made.

DVD movies, only $2.50! Popular TV shows (seasons)...old and new, Anime, Kung Fu Serials and movie style popcorn to go with it.

Video games.

Beats and Books...good music, old vinyl, and more!

Fine Gold Jewelry.

Costume Jewelry.

Mid-Century modern household goods and furniture.

Electronics, Security Cameras.

Android TV boxes.

Specialty groceries from Mexico, South America and the Islands.

Orchids, air plants, cacti and other exotic and not so exotic plants.

Art and antiques.

Scrapbooking and craft supplies.

Airbrushed Temporary Tattoos (summer only).

On occasion you'll also find Scentsy, Tupperware and DoTerra Essential Oil Vendors.